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Arlo Guthrie Bio

Former Years
Arlo Guthrie had fame written all over him before he carved his name in the music industry. A famous singer for a father and a professional dancer for a mother didn’t stop him in making a name for himself. He was born on July 1947 in Brooklyn, New York. Aside from having famous parents, his sister Nora Guthrie was a record producer.

Arlo Guthrie performed in public for the first time when he was only 13. His most famous work was an 18-minute-34-second talking blues song, "Alice's Restaurant Massacree". The song was based on true events of Arlo's former years. He was arrested for littering and causing public disturbance. The Alice in the song is Alice Brock, a librarian at Arlo's boarding school turned restaurant owner. 

Gone The Extra Mile
Arlo’s father, Woody Guthrie was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease and died in 1967. Weeks after his father's death, he teamed up with Warner Brothers and released the Alice's Restaurant album. A movie adaptation of the song with Arlo portraying has himself was released in 1969.

Another milestone was “Coming to Los Angeles” when Arlo Guthrie performed it at the Woodstock Festival in. Arlo Guthrie received a 5-star rating from Rolling Stones for his album, Amigo in 1978. He toured with his father’s friend, Pete Seeger in 1983. He pursued an acting career and was featured in Birds of Paradise and Renegade in 1991. He received a Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award in 1992.  

Guthrie For A Cause
Arlo Guthrie is a father to four children who also became musicians and went on tour with him. His wife of 43-years Jacki Hyde died with a short battle of liver cancer in 2012. Arlo Guthrie bought an old Trinity Church and converted it to an interfaith meeting place called Guthrie Center. Aside from giving weekly lunches, the center supports people with HIV/AIDS and other life threatening diseases.
Other than the Guthrie Center, there is also The Guthrie Foundation. The organization raises awareness on the important aspects of society.  Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Alice's Restaurant, they organized an "Alice's Restaurant 50th Anniversary Tour" in January 2015 and lasted thru May 2016.