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Over the course of five years, Chancelor Bennett aka Chance the Rapper has risen to greatness as a hip-hop singer, songwriter, rapper, and actor.  Born on April 16, 1993 in Chicago, Illinois’ Chatham neighborhood, Chance had a love of music that was apparent from an early age.  Though his father, Ken Williams-Bennett, dedicated his life to political worked and hoped to see his son go on to hold office, Chance had been far more interested in the arts and music in particular even in his preschool days.  This continued when he attended Jones College Prep, where he formed a hip-hop duo with one of his friends.  There was no stopping his momentum at this point; Chance took a leap into the professional music industry before even completing his senior year of high school in 2011 by recording his first project, #10Day—named for a ten day suspension he served earlier that year.  By December of that year he formally announced the product and released a song, “Windows.”  Only a few months later, “Windows” earned Chance a spot on Complex magazine’s “10 New Chicago Rappers to Watch Out For.”  Sheer luck and raw talent didn’t do everything, though.  Over the course of another year of recording, writing, improving, and making connections in the music industry, motivated by the desire to display his work to the world, #10Day was finally finished and released, to warm reception.  The mixtape’s success earned him the connections he had been hoping for, as well as more publicity.  He began touring and collaborating with other artists soon after.

Chance’s style is inspired in large part by a mix of his favorite rap and gospel, resulting in a sound that is a rich and complex blend of rapping and singing, strong beats and flowing melody, drugs and deep storytelling.  His listed musical influences range from soul, jazz, and blues, to hip-hop and acid jazz, with particular artists including his favorite composer, Kirk Franklin, James Brown, MC Hammer, Lil Wayne, Eminen, and, of course, Kanye West, as The College Dropout was the first hip-hop album that Chance had ever purchased and listened to on his own.  As writer Jeff Weis put it, the massive list of influences and references in Chance’s work seem to be a dedication to his hometown of Chicago, stating “There are shout outs, musical or lyrical, to practically every important Chicago tradition short of Thrill Jockey.”  What stands as testament to his skills however, is that he manages to make all these disparate elements meld together into a cohesive piece.

Chance went on his first tour with Childish Gambino in 2012 as his opening act, and since then has been on his own tour, “Social Experiment,” as well as the Verge Campus tour with other artists.  His discography includes Surf, #10Day, Acid Rap—which deserves special mention as it was both nominated for Best Mixtape at the BET’s Music Awards and was in such high demand that it crashed Audiomack and Windy City rap agora Fake Shore Drive—and Free (Based Freestyles Mixtape).  He has also collaborated with dozens of different artists on various songs in the five years since his debut, received Chicago's "Outstanding Youth of the Year Award," and has released a short film.  In light of his dramatic ascension from suspended high school student to famous musician to, recently, a father, one of his own lines on the transience of youth and mortality stands out: “Everybody dies in the summer, wanna say ya goodbyes, tell them while it’s spring.”  Chance the Rapper’s career is still new and full of potential for more, only time will tell where it goes from here; appreciate what you can right now.t