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Janet Jackson Bio

The Beginning

Born on May 16, 1966 in Indiana and the youngest of the Jackson Family and an important figure in pop culture today. Janet Damita Jo Jackson climbed her way to the top with her singing and acting talent. Janet Jackson’s first public appearance was in Las Vegas together with her brothers and sisters in 1974.

A variety show became the stepping stone of Janet’s career. Uneasiness on the Jackson Family made her older brother Michael go for a solo career.

Road to Becoming a Pop Icon

Having a famous older brother didn’t stop Janet Jackson from making a name for herself. She didn’t treat Michael as competition, instead he became her mentor and released her debut album Janet Jackson in 1982.

After finishing school, she eloped with James DeBarge, a fellow musician in 1984. With family issues in the way, their marriage was cut short with Janet applying for annulment in January 1985.

Signing a recording contract with A&M Records which released Control that became a huge success. She became a pop icon and a role model. Janet Jackson set a record in Japan for having the fastest sell-out during her Rhythm Nation World Tour in 1990. A multi-million dollar contract with Virgin Records in 1991. With record-breaking hits, she became one of the highest paid artists. 

After releasing her fifth studio album, Janet Jackson ventured on her first starring role entitled Poetic Justice that received two Oscar nominations in 1993. Janet together with her brother Michael teamed up and made a song called Scream that produced a video costing 7 million.

Selling and Earning Millions

She ranked as one of the best-selling recording artists for selling 160 million records. With 26 million certified albums, she holds a place in Recording Industry Association of America's (RIAA) list of best-selling female recording artist in the States.

After terminating a contract with Island Records, she made her own record label in 2015. She performed at one of Taylor Swift’s concert in September 2015.