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Motley Crue Bio

The Origin

The World’s Most Notorious Rock Band, Motley Crue has its fair share of ups and downs in its 34-year career. When bassist Nikki Sixx left London, a heavy metal band, he started hanging out with a drummer named Tommy Lee. Decided to complete the band, the search is on for worthy members. Mick Mars advertising himself in The Recycler, a classified advertisements newspaper became their guitarist.  Vince Neil declined the first offer but became their lead vocalist when given the final call.

In January 1981, ”a motely looking crew", the phrase that inspired the name Motley Crue. Their first manager was Allan Coffman and first single “Stick to Your Guns / Toast of the Town”.  Released thru Leuthur Records, a record label managed and owned by the band themselves. "Nothing lasts forever", Motley Crue announced their retirement in 2014 with a two year finale concert that ended on the last day of 2015.

Commercial Act

Motley Crue is one of the greatest heavy metal, glam rock band of all times. Releasing platinum albums, topping charts and having sold out concerts. Every great band knows that it’s never easy climbing the ladder to fame. Spiked stage wardrobe and a bag full of porn magazines led to an arrest in their Canada Tour in 1982.  A bomb threat against the band while in Edmonton made it on the front page of the Edmonton Journal in June 19, 1982. All these happened to be an act for the band’s extra exposure. Well, how’s that for a press release stunt. This resulted into banning the band from the city for life.

Better When They’re Together

Topping charts for 109 weeks, Dr. Feelgood was their breakthrough in the early ‘80’s. Drifting in and out of the group, the band started winding down the stairs of success. Going solo, joining another group, and some pursued tried their acting capabilities in 2002. New people arrived replacing those who went away, but was never the same since then. Good news came when a promoter in England rebuild the success of the band and had all the original members back. Saints of Los Angeles released in 2008 became a huge success bringing back their fame. With a successful reunion and album, the band is back in the game.

The Last Hurrah

Motley Crue created many best-selling books including. “This Is Gonna Hurt” by Nikki Sixx, “Tommy Land” my Tommy Lee, “Tattoos and Tequila” by Vince Neil. The Dirt, made into a movie directed by Jeff Tremaine. Motley Crue and Alice Cooper toured together on the “Final Tour, All Bad Things Must Come To An End” and “Countdown to Crue Year’s Eve”. Their last performance was at Staples Center Los Angeles, in the last day of 2015 and will end with a bang!