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Tommy Emmanuel Bio

This Aussie guitarist has garnered attention for being one of the few true virtuoso guitarist in his field, having perfected a style all of his own over the years. He is also an active member of the Order of Australia, an order of chivalry for Australian citizens that show outstanding achievements for meritorious service. It’s the Australian version of being knighted and isn’t taken lightly when given out. The 60 year old has been playing guitar since age 4, and has been in the industry with work since the age of 6. Much like the story of Selena, their father sold off their belongings and took the talents of the family to the next level by starting a family band on the road. This led to a hard but fruitful life that gave the children the experience they needed to be in the music business, but was cut short by the New South Wales Department of Education due to the legality of keeping them out of school. 

His father died shortly afterwards in 1966, after only 5 years on the road and without making as big an impact as they had first hoped. Throughout his career he has played bands such as Goldrush, The Southern Star Band, and even Dragon. This pairing even led him to do work for the infamous diva Tina Turner. Around this time is when Tommy finally started to make a mark on his own as a solo artist and collaborator, being mixed with such names as Eric Clapton, Edgar Cruz, Sir George Martin and Chet Atkins. This led to a lot of opportunism, but in the end Tommy once again ended up in a band with fellow Aussie John Farnham named Noiseworks. Coincidentally Tommy had been in this band before, and was even featured at one point. He is currently striking a chord on his own, and is doing a lot better than he was in 2007 when he had to take a break due to heart issues. 

With his newly launched record label CGP Sounds in 2015, people are expecting Tommy to discover the next Tommy. The record breaking guitarist has released over 26 studio albums and is still going strong on a worldwide tour currently that is expected to end next year in his current state of Nashville on February 27th 2016. September states on the list are California, Nevada, New York, Rhode Island, and Tennessee.