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Vance Joy Bio

Born in 1987, the Aussie singer signed a multi-record deal with Atlantic Records in 2013. That same year, he released his debut album titled “God Loves You When you’re Dancing” to rave reviews. It’s hard to believe this talented artist was once a well-known Australian rules football player. Along with a great sports aptitude he is also a very intelligent young man as a graduate of Monash University with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws. The follow-up album to the debut was “Dream Your Life Away” which also had a tour of the same name. Vance’s fame has grown so much that it has caught the eye of many popular artists like Taylor Swift, of which at one point he was the support act for her “The 1989 World Tour”.

Vance got discovered the same way that Justin Bieber did, by doing covers of popular songs. Rather than blend in with the poppy crowd with their studio enhanced music, Vance’s take on the music scene is more of a throwback that puts the priority on the voice rather than fancy enhancements. Because of this his style is easily recognizable the moment you hear it on the radio, and it is one of the easier to listen to melodies in any situation. A good way to describe it would be that it is one of the most non-offensive melodies on radio today, something that everyone can listen to.

His most recognized single are “Mess Is Mine, “Georgia”, “Riptide”, “From Afar”, “All I Ever Wanted” and “Fire and the Flood”. Joy’s performance has even made its way to the big screen and is on the “Paper Towns” soundtrack for all to hear. Some interesting facts were posted on BuzzFeed about the superstar and of the many that stand out, the name Vance Joy is actually from a book called “Bliss” by Peter Carey. Vance’s real name is James Keogh, which he changed to the stage name of Vance to avoid mispronunciations of Keogh. He is also very tall at 6’3 and idolizes funny man Jim Carrey. There is no word yet on if he will make the usual singer transition to the big screen like many in his circle have, but chances are he will be more than equipped with the workout he is getting with his music. With the way things are shaping up, Vance is going to be the next big thing in the music industry.