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Zedd Bio

Continuing on the success of his major breakout hit Clarity, Zedd is a good example of how mainstream music can still be defining. Zedd isn’t a band, but a talented guy by the name of Anton Zaslavski. Although Zedd spans across several genres, his main genre is electro house, of which he is one of the more popular names to come along in years-or at the very least the most recognizable. It’s really surprising that one of the world’s most recognizable DJ’s is only 26 years old, and still going strong. Anton’s music roots are actually classical, with his father being a guitarist and his mother a pianist. He took a different direction in what he wanted to produce after drawing inspirations from French electronic band Justice. 

His ambitious remixes made him popular with Beatport, and he has done many remixes of popular artists from Lady Gaga’s to Justin Bieber’s tunes. Zedd is fueled by the tried and true Cubase suite with original and customized plugins. Cubase has been around since 1989, and since then has become one of the more popular professional solutions for DJ’s to do their work. The closest competitor is Pro Tools, and after that there is a big drop down with the other products that big artists use. Notable sound software include Fruity Loops Studio, GarageBand, Acid pro and Ableton Live.

Along with the popularity that came with the song Clarity, there was also the many connections that came with signing to Interscope records. He immediately gained access to an entire studio of artists and music, making collaborations not only exciting but easily accessible. Around that time is when Zedd also became just as much as a talented writer as he was a producer by contributing to Beauty and the Beat on Justin Bieber’s album. Zedds current album is the very well received True Colors, which came out in 2015. He is currently on a world tour of the same name in Asia, Europe and North America and is dated from August 6th to November 28th

The tour kicked off in Singapore with 1,500 in attendance and is currently scheduled for the remaining North America and Europe portions. Cities left in September are San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, El Paso, Austin, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans and Cleveland. The tour has been getting rave reviews, and for those interested it’s nice to have the option of going to a concert that is considered mid-size rather than a gargantuan concert.